Monday, 8 February 2010

When it stops snowing

As soon as it stops snowing I'll plant the snowdrops, -at least that was the plan, the weather had other ideas. Now it's cold, grey and raining!

I think snowdrops are one of the prettiest flowers, probably becuase they appear so early in the year, just when I have all but forgotton that flowers exist outside of the big black buckets in supermarkets. So yesterday we nipped over to the garden centre and bought a few pots of the dainty little flowers to plant in the garden.

At least it is crafting weather! more buttons, I made these from mahogony:

and these are pine, box and oak:

Sunday, 7 February 2010

8 x 6 Single aspect

There's a row of thatched canal cottages for sale not far from us, we noticed them when out for a walk. I'm sure many people would give their right arm for a thatched cottage but I'm not one of them, for some reason they have never appealed to me. The little building in the garden, on the other-hand, completely caught my imagination in a big way! -Even though I'm not certain what it would have been used for, something that needed a fire - laundry??

I can't honestly say had it been for sale individually that I might not have put in a bid for it :-) Don't ask me what I would have done with it.
Although.. the little building backs onto a public path and given that it is situated next to a tea shop and the canal I think I would like to fill it with my little creations and turn it into a bagpuss style craft shop. The smallest craft shop in Britain perhaps! :-)

Dreaming aside there are no prizes for guessing where the inspiration for my latest batch of wooden buttons came from..

Measuring up to 2 inches tall and made from oak and pine these little houses look great used as a feature button on a scarflet or as a journal fastener. I've swapped several with a fellow crafter, an artist in Spain, I can't wait to see how she incorporates them into her work.

Friday, 5 February 2010

I finally did it.

Ok I finally did it, it was only a matter of time before I set up a blog.

I dabble in many mediums, my favourites being: Glass, Yarn, and Wood.